Master Keys Week 4

Welcome to Week 4! Its so exciting yet still overwhelming with my current work schedule, my son’s karate, 3x/week, soccer 4x/week and homework, oh yeah and sometimes I actually fit in dinner! 😉 Ok, you get the point, but I rank personal growth on the top of my list, my whole family benefits from positivity and this week, Giving! I used to think of giving as just a monetary thing, but it comes in so many other forms, giving of my time is way more important to my son than money, and giving someone in need some time to listen to them is so valuable, sending a prayer, or cooking a meal for someone. I am a giver, and what I get from that, is happiness! When I am a part of someone else’s good day, I feel great, a true win win! Here’s to success through all of our new habits and conciously giving this week!


Master Key Week 3

Hey Everyone! This week was fantastic! Sometimes you just don’t know, what you don’t know.. Hmmm, Apparently I didn’t know and I am learning! I am feeling ecstatic about what only 3 weeks of this course has done! What began as a simple assignment of putting down, on paper, my Definite Purpose in life, unfolded into a dive inside my own self! I read my first draft and found what I thought was a positive few paragraphs, wasn’t as Positive as it could have been but Now it has transformed into exactly what and who I want to be, with complete positivity and the passion the flew out! Thank you to this amazing course, I’m breaking through my cocoon! And I can blog too!! Have a fantastic week!!

Masterkey Week 2

This week is really flying by! Suddenly “work” got really crazy busy and time in the day has become very limited! I’m glad we’re busy because the bills get paid for another month, but I have other more important things I want to get done, #1.. The Master Keys! I’m am so excited to know that I am doing something to change the life of mine and my family. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this course, and in only week 2 I already feel exillearated on what’s to come! Is it hard to sit everyday? Lately? honestly?, yes! Am I giving up? No way! I am getting organized, finding my rhythm, and challenging myself everyday! The DMP experience is another challenge, that is forcing me to take a good look at myself from the inside, digging deep, and finding out who I thought I was, was just the outline to who I want to be, I love life already! I am grateful to have found Mark, the Team and the Master keys!

Master Key Week 2 Blogging

I was on the webinar tonight, I previously had figured out how to make a theme, post a picture and link to twitter.. However, Im still confused about how to find others so I can comment and view their blogs too..I sure hope I get through this learning curve soon!


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